This wrought iron bistro set was envisioned for a small studio apartment on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.  Black and white tiling mapped out the "kitchen" in the space where this set was intended.  To compliment the original flooring and to give the kitchen some definition and stand out from the rest of the space, the glossy, yellow finish was the perfect punch.  

This small, cream colored vanity was intended for storage and as a statement piece for a small bedroom in Murray Hill in NYC, converted from a dining nook to a bedroom.  With the linens stark white, accessories and vanity mirror in brass, and navy accents throughout the room and home, the navy finish with the brass detail gave the perfect piece needed for this space, punching up and livening up the bedroom.  


This bureau belongs to an organizer and personal assistant who was too busy putting  the needs of others before her own, so she called on JEP Consulting to give her a hand.  After organizing her bureau, removing dated and over worn items, she found items she intended to donate that were found back in her wardrobe.  JEP Consulting was able to permanently remove these items from her home, donating each item to the client's charity of choice, ensuring a spotless turnout and giving the client the ability to see everything she owns  and what items she needs to tie certain looks together.  After minimizing and stylizing, JEP Consulting organized her clothes in such a way that it would promote ease for her specific and individual needs starting with articles on the right and ending with accessories to the far left.

Closet - FINAL.JPG

This closet was in Astoria Queens, NY where room was limited.  Clothes were pouring out of the closet, onto the floor the bed, and vanity (located in the right corner).  JEP Consulting minimized and stylized the client's wardrobe.  Now getting ready for work in the morning is easy and gives respect to the space and the items within it.  



A client is leaving her full time role as a Pilates instructor to return to her role as an executive with a fortune 500 company, calling on JEP Consulting for a seamless transition from one role to the next.  JEP Consulting assisted in scaling back her workout wardrobe making room for her executive appropriate outfits, completing at least a moths worth of interchangeable outfits all while remaining under budget.  


JEP Consulting partnered up with Health Coach and Nutrition Coach, Kathryn Matthews to promote healthy eating and lifestyles for the month of February.  Working with Kathryn improved the health habits of our team and has helped carry out this template to our clients as well.